Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Friday, December 30, 2005

An Unexpected Casualty

Today was a quieter day after a busy couple of days a a particularly late night. Our other friend Ken, who had been visiting relatives, came to join us at the apartment and we made plans for out trip to the beach in Penang. Some of the others are also planning to make trips to Singapore and Thailand after we have been to the beach, but Doug, Rich and I intend to take advantage of the golf courses in the KL area instead.

Our first food casualty of the trip was a rather unexpected one, Doug!! He woke up feeling bad in the morning and by afternoon was sick and running a nasty fever. He has been blaming the cockles we ate the night before and I've been blaming him for not drinking enough alcohol to fight any possible illness.

With Doug laying low the rest of us spent some time in the pool and wandering around town until it was time to eat in the evening. Rich and I properly discovered our appetites for the first time this holiday and ate what most people would probably consider to be an obscene amount of chicken satay followed by some very tasty beef teppanyaki. Doug managed to venture out with us and drink a mug of ridiculously sweet tea but still couldn't eat anything.

A few beers and games of pool finished off the evening before we headed back to the apartment to get some rest in preparation for the New Year celebrations.


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