Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Late Night

Sitting in a bar at 5am eating the spiciest butter chicken ever, drinking mango shakes and watching Arsenal vs Man United is quite a bizarre experience, but that's how today ended. We were busy finalising plans for our beach trip during the afternoon before heading into the centre of Kuala Lumpur to get some food.

Some of the shopping centres in the city centre are amazing particularly the one which has all the expensive shops (Prada, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton etc). The whole place feels like the lobby of a very very expensive hotel and it would certainly be a very dangerous place to take a woman if she had you're credit card!!

Went out to eat at a roadside cafe as we are trying to fit things like that in while it is only me, Doug and Rich who aren't too fussy about potential hygiene issues. Ate the most amazing Chinese roast pork and duck with rice and drank chinese tea. They bring you a rotating container thing (like those they use in indian restaurants for chutneys in the UK) filled with garlic and sliced chillis to put in your dipping sauce for the meat. I had plenty of garlic and some chillis but was not brave enough to eat the tiny birds eye chillis that were on offer.

We headed back towards Doug's place around 10ish and met Shirley and Carl for drinks and pool at the local pool hall. Doug also spanked Rich and I at table football, in fact the only goals we scored were the ones he accidentally put in his own net. We chastised him for wasting his youth.

Went back to the apartment and watched a movie before coming back out to eat and watch the football. There are loads of people around even at 4am, and especially when Manchester United are playing. In the end it was a rather disappointing game of course, but it was worth going out just to soak up the atmosphere.


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