Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Suits You Sir

Got up at slightly more reasonable time today and headed out to Bangsar for a pork noodle breakfast and to visit a badminton shop Doug and Rich needed to go to. Unfortunately they didn't have the racquets they were looking for but we did manage to buy another pretty decent squash racquet for just over a tenner as we only had one with us. From here we went to a supermarket so I could buy a variety of pastes and sauces that I want to bring back with me.

We headed back to the apartment and sat around watching Lost until the others arrived back from the airport. Having seen the end of the first series we couldn't stop ourselves from buying the first half of the second series and starting to watch that too. So much better than the first series! If it doesn't get confiscated on the way through UK customs it will be available for loan on my return.

Once everyone had returned and sorted themselves out Nim and I had to go for our first suit fitting. The big boss lady in the shop is a short, bossy chinese woman and pushes you and pulls you around complaining if you even move your head too much but she does a fine job. I have never owned a properly fitted suit before and even in the basic form the suit has for the first fitting it looks amazing. The jacket is the main difference at it goes with the body at the sides rather than hanging square. Everyone agreed that it made me look taller - finally I've gained that last quarter inch to take me to six feet tall!!

After we were done being bossed around we went to a little deli for some basic non-spicy food for a change before heading back to the apartment to play squash and have a swim (I'm not just making this up because my Dad was asking if I'd done any of the exercise I said I was going to). Squash is extremely tiring in the heat over here and Doug and Rich (the badminton boys) easily outlasted Nim and I for stamina so they carried on playing while we took a swim.

We went out to SOULed Out for dinner where I ate an extremely spicy dish called Asam Mee. It is a bowl of noodles with squid and prawns in a curry sauce and it is hot. I don't really enjoy eating very hot food in England as a lot of the time it is just hot and quite bland, this was not like that at all as you get amazing flavour in every mouthful along with the chilli heat which made me sweat a lot!

After drinking enough beer to cool me down again we went over to Breakout, a pool bar, and drank some more beer and played pool. Shirley and Carl had joined us for drinks as well and once the Thailand travellers had dropped like flies (there were some tired faces) and headed home, we got a lift back to the apartment instead of walking in the heat - which was nice.


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