Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Sunday, January 08, 2006

All Sports Day (For Some)

We got up a bit late today after staying out for the football and went with Doug over to the gym where Carl teaches to have a look around and let Doug have a workout. He has been feeling very lazy as in England he trains three or four times a week and thought that he'd better do something to keep in the swing of things. Rich and I are not really martial arts boys and so we just sat around and watched with amusement as Doug demonstrated his Aikido moves to Carl which basically involved Carl trying to punch or kick Doug, and Doug taking him down with a variety of arm and leg locks.

Rich and I went to eat, obviously, and left Doug to finish tiring himself out before we all headed back to the apartment to play some badminton. I haven't played in years and so I made sure I was on Doug's side and we beat Rich and Carl two games to one. I wish I could claim that I had been a major factor in our victory but with Doug covering the back and sides of the court all I had to do was drop the shuttlecock back over the net when it came short. Rich, who is a decent player, seemed to be having fun making me run from side to side and then just beating me when he fancied it. He also smashed one of my serves straight back into my eye, which was nice.

Tired out from all this activity we crashed out in the flat for a while and watched some Lost before meeting the others at Hartamas Square for dinner on their return from Singapore. There was no rest for the travellers as post dinner entertainment was getting ready to go to Penang in the morning. It's a hard life!


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