Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Another Hangover

Everyone was feeling a little worse for wear today so we weren't even up until 4pm. By the time we had managed to properly open our eyes Doug was due to go training with Carl so we got picked up and went into Hartamas.

Just as we were parking the car the heavens opened and we all got pretty wet in the 5 yards in between the car door and shelter. Even though Reet had planned ahead and brought two umbrellas with her we decided to take shelter in the gym for a while until either the rain stopped or the psycho cat that lives in the gym took us out. The cat is called 'Dog' and, although it looks sweet, I think it has spent too much time around violent activity, as it seems to have mean right hook.

Once the rain had calmed down a bit we choose to make a break for food. Plain was the order of the day as we had delicate stomachs and so we just grabbed some sandwiches and fries with plenty of soft drinks on the side.

We wandered about a bit and met Carl and Doug for drinks once they'd finished training before going back to the apartment for a while. Once Shirley and Calvin had managed to escape work we went out to SS2, which is quite a well known food court in KL.

We were at SS2 in order to eat Bak Kut Teh, which is a kind of herbal pork soup. It was served in two big dishes one with the bits of pork we eat in the UK, and the other containing the stomach and intestine pieces. Also in both were bits of tofu and various vegetables and the soups itself tastes amazing. I quite happily tucked into both dishes although the others weren't so keen on tucking in.

Along with the soup you get these little batter rings that you dip in the soup and then eat and your normal chilli / soy sauce dip for extra flavour joy. We also had some sort of cold sweet soup thing with ice in which is a Chinese dessert I think. It looked a bit like watery coke in a bowl and had some fruit bits in it and a boiled quails egg. Very bizarre and not exactly my thing but I ate the egg and gave it a go anyway.

After eating the girls went home and the lads went to Hartamas Square to watch the Liverpool vs Spurs game. A disappointing end to the day cos Liverpool won.


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