Malaysia Trip 05 / 06

Friday, January 13, 2006

On The Town Again

Calvin had booked us a table at a club in town this evening so we decided to laze around and not do too much. We wandered down into Hartamas for lunch and then I did some blogging while the others went back to the apartment to watch a film. Nim and Sophie had flown out to Borneo this morning which left me, Doug, Rich, Charlotte and Reetu in KL.

Once I'd finished at the internet cafe I went to pick up my suit from the tailors. I'm very pleased with it especially for the price I got it. The final worry is how I'm going to fit it in my bag on the way home!

When I returned from Hartamas Doug and I played squash with the same result as last time - a 5 games to nil Doug's favour. Considering he claims to have never picked up a squash racquet in his life before this holiday he seems to be pretty damn good. I just can't believe that it's related to fitness at all.

We went out to Hartamas Square for dinner and I ate more beef teppanyaki. Shirley assures me that this isn't the best teppanyaki and has said she's going to take me to a better place in KL so I'm looking forward to that.

A quick change back at the apartment and then Calvin picked us up to head into KL centre to go clubbing. Tonight we were going to a club called Velvet, which is attached to Zouk but hopefully with less CS Gas. The club was a bit smaller than Zouk but a bit more relaxed and once the Black Label was flowing everyone was soon having a good time. I still found the whole bottles on the table thing a bit strange and couldn't help thinking about the carnage that would ensue if the situation were the same in all clubs in England. People in the UK seem to manage to drink enough without being encouraged to drink several bottles of spirits in one evening because when the bottle is on the table, it disappears a lot faster.

Shirley and Carl met up with us in the club and we also met some guys that Carl trains with including a guy who is / was Malaysian Kickboxing Champ or something similar. All I know is that I've seen a photo of him in the gym kicking two people in the head simultaneously so I wouldn't mess with him! Plenty of whiskey and beer later we left the club and went back to the apartment.

A special mention has to go to Calvin who stayed out and partied with us until the small hours only making it to bed at 5am when he had to be up for work at 7:30am. That's some fine commitment to a bunch of Mat Salleh he'd only met the day before.


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